Santorini Gem

Canadian Wedding at Santorini Gem!

“Melissa met Colin at Newfoundland, Canada and fell in love at first sight.
They were together for a few years before the decided to tie the knot!
They said: “We wanted to pick a wedding destination so that both families can get a trip and Santorini was the perfect spot”.
And how can it not be the perfect spot when every time we photograph a couple in Santorini we have the thrill of first time?
Bridal preparations had so many emotional moments that we did not miss to capture: The laughs of the bridesmaids, the lovely flower girls, Melissa fixing her Dad’s tie…
They chose Santorini Gem for the ceremony, a venue of classic beauty with Caldera at the background.
Chiavari chairs, roses in ivory and pink, bronze details highlighted the elegance of this event.
And we played a part taking them to some of the narrowest spots for their couple photography.
The night ended with a lot of dancing, food and party. One that amazed us was the tradition of “kissing a codfish”, where the family from Newfoundland (bride’s) welcomes the family of the groom and they are consider also Newfoundlanders! Enjoy the collection..!”
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