From dusk till dawn - Santorini Gem

From dusk till dawn


Emotionally intense as the result of forceful volcanic eruption, Santorini is famous for its beauty and culture.

More than 3.500 years ago, during the Minoan Age, the last big eruption of the still active volcano caused the collapse of its central part, creating today’s stunning Caldera! Pyrgos, Fira, Imerovigli, Firostefani and Oia are the main caldera view locations, balanced at 300 meter cliffs above the sea. Cycladic architecture with white-painted houses, built into niches on the edge of the crater, narrow alleys and blue domes form a picturesque setting inviting you to enjoy nature’s magnificence.

Santorini name refers to the Saint Irene Basilica, whereas Irini means “peace”. But the island has changed shapes and names in the course of its history. Herodotus dates the name Thera or Thira in the 4th century b.C., while the island’s first name was Strongili, which means round, as its shape was before the Caldera formation. Interesting geological history melts with archeological findings of one of the most important ancient civilizations flourishing on the island. Structure remains and plastic arts findings reveal a high level of social organization, privileged by the island’s trade crossroads.

Today, Santorini proudly stands amongst top world’s destinations. Wine culture and gastronomy delight you through a journey of original tastes. Originality combined with luxury, the wild beauty and the renowned sunset make this summer destination a romantic getaway. The fairylike atmosphere and enchanting energy of Santorini welcome every year hundreds of thousands of people in love or ready to meet love! Not by chance it stands among world’s top three wedding destinations.

Let yourself be seduced by the triptych of history, beauty and culture. Feel the grandeur of the caldera cliffs, swim in crystal waters, absorb the light at impressive beaches’ lunar landscapes. Live the Santorini experience!