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Getting Married in Greece -Your dream wedding in Santorini- Santorini Gem

Getting Married in Greece: Your dream wedding in Santorini

Greece is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and the ideal destination if you want to arrange the most special day of your life and getting married in Greece!

Looking into each other’s eyes, promising eternal love under the most stunning sunset of the picturesque islands in Greece!

If you are thinking of getting married in Greece, here is what you need to know and do about holding your special day in this magnificent country.

Greek Wedding: Religious or Civil?

There are two main options of getting married in Greece, civil or religious. Of course, you can do both of them, since civil and religious weddings are legally recognised in Greece as well. It is also highly preferred by tourists to hold a symbolic wedding ceremony in Greece, with Santorini to be the most popular wedding venue among Sifnos, Kea, and Mykonos. 

Keep in mind that there are hundreds of beautiful churches throughout Greece in order to get married, from traditional white-washed with blue domes to scenic stoned. However, it is much easier to get married in a civil ceremony and then have a romantic reception by the sea under the lights of the Greek sky. A memory that will last forever!

Getting Married in Greece: Useful Information

You should know that there is a period that you have to wait between your application for marriage and your wedding day, depending on the municipality that you are going to get married. 

The legal minimum age for marriage in Greece is 18 years old, while there is no need to be a citizen or resident of Greece unless you are about to marry a Greek citizen or resident, then he or she must hold a valid residence permit. 

In case you would like to arrange your wedding on your own, then you need to contact the mayor of the municipality for a civil wedding or the priest of the desirable church for a religious wedding respectively.

Getting Married in Greece -Your dream wedding in Santorini- Useful Information - Santorini Gem

Getting married in Greece: The necessary paperwork and documentation

Just like in most countries, a wedding in Greece should be accompanied by specific paperwork and documentation. Let’s see below the main documents you will need to perform a legal civil wedding in Greece:

You will definitely need a valid passport, birth certificates with an APOSTILLE stamp translated into Greek, an official apostilled birth certificate translated into Greek and a proof of freedom to marry, notarized, in both English and Greek. If divorced, then the divorce certificate is required as well as a copy of the local newspaper where your intent to marry was published. 

It is good to know that you may need someone to assist you with the paperwork and the preparations, perhaps a lawyer or a wedding agency. 

Ideas for wedding locations in Greece

The vast majority of foreign visitors prefer Santorini Island in order to arrange their dream wedding. The geological uniqueness, the traditional Cycladic architecture and the world’s most famous sunset, are some of the reasons that distinguish Santorini among all the other wedding destinations in Greece. The unique backgrounds of the island, the natural setting and the breathtaking views of the Caldera will definitely help you to create once-in-a-lifetime experiences! 

Other destinations which are very popular for getting married in Greece are Crete, Sifnos, Mykonos and Corfu as well.

What should I know about wedding ceremonies in Santorini Greece?

Santorini, also known as the precious gem of the Aegean, is the most romantic destination worldwide to get married! Imagine yourself with your beloved one, exchanging vows in such an amazing surrounding as the Caldera, overlooking the endless blue of the Aegean Sea and the imposing sunset of Santorini! 

There are various wedding planners in Santorini which can help you to organize your dream wedding. In addition, there are also several luxury hotels suitable for wedding accommodation, pre-wedding photoshoot and bridal preparations.

How to plan your dream wedding in Santorini 

The basic package

Santorini Gem gives you the opportunity to perform your dream destination wedding! Here you will find a rundown of all the steps involved:

  • Unlimited e-mails (as required)
  • Booking the Celebrant
  • Wedding associated fees (town hall etc.)
  • Consultation on the paperwork required*
  • Official translation of 4 certificates and apostille stamps from English to Greek
  • Official translation of 1 marriage certificate with apostille stamp from Greek to English
  • Booking the vendors,
  • Pre-wedding meeting,
  • Coordination of the vendors on the day,
  • Coordination of the wedding,
  • After-wedding meeting at the Registry (collection of marriage certificate)

1,300 euros (24% VAT included)

*NOT included in the package:

– Certificates you must issue and stamp in your place of residence

– Vendors’ fee

Getting Married in Greece -Your dream wedding in Santorini- A perfect Greek wedding in Santorini - Santorini Gem

A perfect Greek wedding in Santorini 

The professional wedding planner of Santorini Gem will help you to organize your dream wedding embracing all your concerns and demands, in order to meet your preferences and make your special day unforgettable! The following seven steps will guide you to plan your fairy tale wedding:

  1. Pre & After wedding events

Bring the families and friends together for a dinner party, a caldera cruise, a wine tour, a day in the spa or a hot air balloon ride!

  1. The Ceremony

Your special moments in the wedding terrace, with majestic caldera views!

  1. The Reception

Following the ceremony, the guests are welcomed to the enchanting reception area by the pool, to sip lavish cocktails.

  1. Wedding preparations

Trust our Hair & Makeup artists to shine like a Princess!

  1. Wedding decoration

Minimalist or Lavish, choose the elegance that suits you best!

  1. Wedding Entertainment

Live music, Dj, lights, dancers, fireworks, games to rock this party!

  1. Safe transportation

We’ll pick you up and drop you off as sparkly!

Getting married in the most extraordinary Wedding Venue & Villa in Greece

Santorini Gem is the most extraordinary place on earth to get married! A luxury wedding venue with outdoor and indoor spaces, with perfect backdrops and panoramic views, facing the volcanos and the neighbouring islets. A private and exclusive wedding venue with true character, offering stylish and glamorous events!

The spectacular wedding villa also characterized “A private heaven”, is the epitome of luxury and elegance! The best place to wake up the day after, offering complete hospitality, with luxurious breakfast and breathtaking views.