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Getting Married in Greece

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One of our wonderful destination members, Anna from Greek Dream Weddings has written a fabulous guide on getting married in Greece. Whilst we are amongst snow (well in Essex we are) read on for a welcome escape into sunnier climates.
Why choose Greece for your Destination Wedding?
As a Greek, I grew up with the enchanting mystery of our rich Greek mythology and history. All the myths and legends that always come back to life in our thoughts when we visit the archaeological sites and their nearby natural beauty locations. This is my country, it is who I am, it is what I represent. My love for Greece is deep and I cannot help but see the good in it and share it with you.

You ask me “Why should I choose Greece for our wedding?” Do not mind me being passionate about it but here is why.


Feeling at Home
It’s always nice to go back home and visit my family. As I previously mentioned in a paragraph above it is not only how I feel when visiting Greece but it is also how we make our visitors feel when they come over too. The Greek way of saying welcome is “Welcome Home” which we immediately say “make yourselves at home” is part of our hospitality. Visitors cannot help but feel at home and that is because their own countries set root of the Greek history. Countries all over the world have inherited democracy, philosophy, science, mathematics, ethics, theatre and many more from the Greeks. A great part of the English spoken words today is Greek (sorry I did not mean to sound like Mr. Portokalos there like in “My Big Fat Wedding”). All those reasons make you feel excited, happy and at home when visiting Greece as if it is your home.