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Gabriela & Andres decide to fly halfway across the globe to tie the knot on top of the world (well, overlooking the Caldera in Santorini, close enough). With family scattered around the globe, this wedding planner and tennis entrepreneur couple decided on a picturesque destination that conveys a sense of peace and romance from the moment you see the tiny island from your airplane window. Every step around the island is filled with gorgeous views, delicious food, and the incredible greek hospitality they couldn’t wait for their guests to experience! Complete with a sunset booze cruise in lieu of a rehearsal dinner, and a firework show to complete the wedding celebration, it was a destination wedding weekend no one will soon forget. Source: Trends Wedding and Lifestyle Magazine

Getting married abroad can be a source of anxiety and stress. But getting married in Greece or elsewhere shouldn’t be stressful. It should be a joyful procedure. Planning your destination wedding needs some planning though! But because weddings have always being important in Greece, wedding planners and wedding venues are easy to be found all around mainland Greece, the islands and especially in Santorini, Mykonos & Rhodes. We know Weddings…We have the sea, the sun, the sunset, the professionals… And that is why everybody wants to get married in Greece. Choose the person and professional wedding team that suit you best amongst the various wedding planners which will help you organize your dream wedding. They will guide you through wedding bureaucracy and help you choose the right suppliers in order to achieve best results at best prices! What should I know about wedding ceremonies in Greece? Wedding planners and agencies can help you plan your big day and answer any questions about paperwork and legal requirements. In addition they have access to amazing venues where you can hold your ceremony in a way that will stay in your heart forever. It’s common to get married outdoors in Greece, due to the beautiful settings, blue skies and sunny weather. Churches

“Melissa met Colin at Newfoundland, Canada and fell in love at first sight. They were together for a few years before the decided to tie the knot! They said: “We wanted to pick a wedding destination so that both families can get a trip and Santorini was the perfect spot”. And how can it not be the perfect spot when every time we photograph a couple in Santorini we have the thrill of first time? Bridal preparations had so many emotional moments that we did not miss to capture: The laughs of the bridesmaids, the lovely flower girls, Melissa fixing her Dad’s tie… They chose Santorini Gem for the ceremony, a venue of classic beauty with Caldera at the background. Chiavari chairs, roses in ivory and pink, bronze details highlighted the elegance of this event. And we played a part taking them to some of the narrowest spots for their couple photography. The night ended with a lot of dancing, food and party. One that amazed us was the tradition of “kissing a codfish”, where the family from Newfoundland (bride’s) welcomes the family of the groom and they are consider also Newfoundlanders! Enjoy the collection..!” Click to enlarge image Wedding Planning: Santorini Gem | Wedding venue: Santorini Gem | Flower

From ukawp ” One of our wonderful destination members, Anna from Greek Dream Weddings has written a fabulous guide on getting married in Greece. Whilst we are amongst snow (well in Essex we are) read on for a welcome escape into sunnier climates. Why choose Greece for your Destination Wedding? As a Greek, I grew up with the enchanting mystery of our rich Greek mythology and history. All the myths and legends that always come back to life in our thoughts when we visit the archaeological sites and their nearby natural beauty locations. This is my country, it is who I am, it is what I represent. My love for Greece is deep and I cannot help but see the good in it and share it with you. You ask me “Why should I choose Greece for our wedding?” Do not mind me being passionate about it but here is why. […] Feeling at Home It’s always nice to go back home and visit my family. As I previously mentioned in a paragraph above it is not only how I feel when visiting Greece but it is also how we make our visitors feel when they come over too. The Greek way of saying welcome is “Welcome

By Roostain wedding photography : “Stacks of whitewashed cubiform buildings bathed in sunlight decorate the cliffs. Below the sea laps at the black sand beaches and as the sun once again dropped over the horizon the entire sky suddenly burnt a bright red. This was the evenin the wedding shortly after the beautiful outdoor ceremony overlooking the sea. I had been in Santorini for 4 days at this point and it had instantly won me over, this glorious display in the sky after a stunning wedding was just the icing on the cake. Leanne & James’ big day was special for many reasons, but on a personal level it was pretty awesome as it is the first wedding that my wife Jade has assisted me on, absolutely smashing groom prep duties whilst I captured Leanne getting ready on the other side of the Island. Entries on a postcard as to what we should call our joint wedding photography business… I’m feeling ‘The Stain Train’! For a bit more insight into the thought process of planning a destination wedding in Santorini, Leanne and James have kindly provided a bit of a Q&A so keep on reading after the images to check that out. Here

From Phildrinkwater photography: “This tiny Greek Island is currently the destination of choice for couples looking for a European wedding. Find out why.. Santorini has some of the most beautiful coastalviews … anywhere! It’s such a unique option for those with wanderlust in their hearts. Santorini Gem, where they had chosen to be married, takes pride of place on the South side. The day begins Carla and her bridesmaids (and bridesmale) spent a fun morning together laughing and joking with Helen, their MUA while they were pampered and sprayed. Meanwhile, the guys were preparing together with family. It was late afternoon and the sun was really beating down by this time, but they still looked totally cool in their sunglasses. At Santorini Gem As the guests walked in, they were blown away by the setting and it was photo time by the cliffs. Carla soon joined them, greeted by a tearful Lee, who was overjoyed to see her. After a ceremony in front of the incredible views, they were congratulated by friends and family and we spent some time taking photographs. What a location! I almost didn’t know where to start! And the sun sets.. As the afternoon waned, they were seated for dinner and an emotional set of speeches. They looked