Venue Policy – Terms & Conditions

Dear guests,
It is a great pleasure and honour that you are considering SANTORINI GEM for your special day.

The management and all members of the team will work above and beyond to ensure that
your wedding will be all you had dreamed of.
To achieve that we have established certain guidelines that will help us reach perfection and
provide a great event.
Please make sure you read our company policy below and do not hesitate to contact us via
your wedding planner should you have any questions.


1. All couples must have a wedding planner for organising their event at our venue. The venue personnel will provide the standard SANTORINI GEM set up and will best work with your wedding coordinator to achieve high standard service.

2. Your planner must provide guidance on the venue services, restrictions and policy.

3. All venue visits must be previously booked with venue team members.

4. A pre-wedding meeting to finalise all details with the venue manager and your planner is strongly recommended to avoid any miscommunication and a day less than perfect.

5. All suppliers must provide appropriate paperwork according to Greek laws to enter our premises. In case of any professional failing to present proper paperwork, he/she will be denied access to Santorini Gem. If a professional enters the venue without the appropriate legal documents that allows him/her to provide a service and a government or police check occurs, the couple and the supplier must take full responsibility and handle any fines.

6. The couple is responsible for all suppliers booked on their wedding date. In case of any accidents or venue damage, both the couple and the supplier will have full responsibility to resolve the issue.

7. Our venue is available for set up one hour before the ceremony time and is subject to availability. Your wedding planner must check with us ahead of time should entry for setting up before this time is needed.

8. It is not permitted for your guests to arrive prior to half an hour before the ceremony unless authorised by the venue management in advance.

9. Guests are asked to vacate the premises at the end of the event (e.g. 01:30).

10. All guests must collect their personal items before departing the venue. We are not responsible for lost property.

11. Wedding planners are expected to encourage guests exiting the venue at an appropriate manner and at the appropriate time.

12. We are not able to provide means of transportation to the guests of the event. Taxis are scarce on the island; therefore, guests are encouraged to book their own transportation before the event.

13. At no time during the event must anyone use/enter the pool.

14. Children must always be supervised by their parents or guardians in all venue areas.

15. Colour markers or crayons or any other kind of colouring material for children are not allowed in the dining area or in any other spaces. If needed, we can provide a special table with no linen for children to play with colours.

16. Plate smashing is not allowed.

17. Confetti is not allowed during/after the ceremony or on dinner tables. White rose flower petals are allowed instead. No red rose petals allowed.

18. Flying lanterns or pool lanterns are not allowed.

19. Fireworks – sparklers are allowed only outdoors, set only by certified professionals.

20. Any kind of décor for the pool must be glass free for safety reasons and at reasonable distance from the  pool edges. Your wedding coordinator or other supplier is welcome to contact GEM management for guidance.

21. The Venue Manager can refuse any kind of decoration or other activity that does not adhere to our safety guidelines and state laws or poses any kind of safety hazard.

22. Music level allowed up to 80 DB maximum. The music must be lowered to listening level at 23:00.

23. Music is turned off 15 minutes before the stated end time of the event for your guests to get ready for departure.

24. The GEM Villa can accommodate up to 8 guests.

25. In case of Villa accommodation, exact check-in and check-out times are set when booking the Villa and exact time is stated on the invoice.

26. In case of Villa rental for day use, please advise on the number of guests using the Villa.

27. In case of Villa rental overnight, please provide the names of the guests staying overnight (maximum 8 guests).

28. Guests of the Villa are responsible of any breakage or damage to the Villa. Local laws apply and Greek courts are responsible of resolving any disputes.

29. Mineral water and mini bar items in the Villa are offered free of charge.

30. Guests staying at the Villa may use the pool or Jacuzzi at their own risk. There are no lifeguards on site.


1. The venue does not provide food tasting facilities or any other form of food besides the food items / menu chosen for the event.

2. Food menus must be finalised and received by the venue, minimum fifty (50) days before the event date. This must include dietary requirements / allergies / intolerances. You will be provided by Gem a ‘Microsoft Excel’ form named “guest list & table plan”. Please send over the completed form minimum fifty (50) days before the event, to be processed and agreed upon with you. A confirmation of the updated ‘Microsoft excel’ form, seven (7) days prior to the event will be also required.

3. We can accept menus reductions due to guests’ cancellations no later than forty (40) days prior to the event day.

4. We can add a maximum 30% of extra guests on your F&B order no later than seven (7) days prior to the event.

5. When booking a Ceremony & Reception package, you must choose either a Set Menu, a Buffet Menu, or a combination of the Live Stations.

6. Set menus are only available for up to 80 persons maximum (children included) and 20 adults minimum.

7. Personalized Menus can only be approved by the Venue Manager and quoted accordingly by the Chef.

8. Set menus have the following courses: starter, salad, main course, and dessert (wedding cake not included).

9. Couples may choose one set menu option for their guests. A vegan menu option is available upon request. Vegetarian & gluten free main course options as well as kids’ meals are available.

10. Santorini Gem offers special discount for suppliers’ meals: In case of a set menu, Santorini Gem can cater for suppliers the main dish of the chosen menu, served with salad/garnish, at 50% discount. • In case of a buffet menu, suppliers may be served from the buffet menu as well, after the guests have been served, at 50% of the cost. • Mineral water, coffee, a soft drink, or a glass of wine is offered to suppliers free of charge.

11. Our team works hard to provide you an exquisite culinary experience. The usual duration of a 4-course seated meal is 2 hours. Please let us provide the best of our service and let your guests enjoy their meal.

12. Our venue offers dinner tables and chairs that can accommodate up to 8 persons per table (adults, children & babies with highchairs included) for set menus and up to 9 persons for buffet menus.

13. In case of poolside reception, only buffet menus are to be chosen (not set menus).

14. Buffet menus are available for over 30 guests (payable min. of 30 adults).

15. The maximum duration of a buffet cannot exceed one and a half hour (90’) according to food safety guidelines; desserts of the buffet menu are not included in the above time.

16. Open bar packages are not mandatory. If chosen, must apply to ALL adult guests.

17. Due to HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) guidelines and Greek law restrictions, leftover food is not to be taken off the premises for later consumption or any other reason.

18. As mentioned above we are not able to offer take away services or packaging for leftover cake/other items (from other providers); planners/guests that wish to take cake or other sweets and items outside our premises must provide packaging of their own.

19. It is strictly prohibited for the guests to carry and consume their own food or beverage other than the ones provided by the Venue.

20. Tip is not included in the menu price, but it is customary and equals 3% of the total Food cost. As the tip is equally shared to all staff members, it should be paid only to the Venue Manager during the Pre-Wedding Meeting or paid with the rest of the invoice and not directly to the service team.


1. To secure a date, 40% of the total rental fee is required as non-refundable deposit even in case of force majeure or acts of God.

2. The rental payoff is due 9 months prior to the wedding date. The payment is not refundable even in case of force majeure or acts of God.

3. 40 days prior to the wedding date, the food and beverage order must be complete and paid off. Failure of submitting the final balance on time will result to immediate cancellation of the venue.

4. In case of wedding payoff and cancellation prior to 40 days of the event, the food and beverage cost will be refunded.

5. Cancellations after the stated deadline (40 days to the event) will not be eligible for a refund even in case of force majeure or acts of God.

6. In case of cancellation, rental fee payments are non-refundable, and the venue will officially release the date. Clients are not eligible in exchanging their dates with another client.

7. Weddings / Events may be postponed only to the following wedding season.

8. Wedding postponements are to be announced no later than 6 months prior to event date. In case of postponement later new terms and conditions should be agreed upon.

9. In case of postponement 1.200 euros handling fees are payable upon the date change agreement. The new wedding date will not be officially confirmed until the handling fee has been submitted.

10. You may place the payments via bank transfer.


Bank Deposit Information
Bank: Piraeus Bank
Account Number: 5706-070385-625
IBAN: GR70 0172 7060 0057 0607 0385 625
Swift Code: PIRBGRAA
Bank Address: Fira – Santorini 84700 Greece

IMPORTANT: State your name(s) and wedding date for reference


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